How do you know who to trust when it comes to website design?

I bet you a million billion pounds that a majority of sites you come across when looking around for web design will have either the NHS, Coca-Cola, Facebook or some car manufacturers logo on a page saying “clients we/I have worked with”… have they really? 

Once upon a time, I ended up in hospital and dropped into conversation with the nurse seeing to my wounds (stupidly stood on a rusty nail) about what I do. We ended up talking about her side-hustle which was being a make-up artist and I gave her some tips on her social media use. Technically I gave some advice to a nurse, who works for the NHS… so technically I gave social media advice to the NHS – so, I can say I’ve worked with them and put their logo on my website? You’d think I knew my stuff if I did and it looks good, right?

That’s what I also thought but soon had a reality check around the same time the tetanus jab was rammed into my buttocks. Who am I kidding, I’m just a freelance web designer – I don’t have the time or resources to work with clients that big. Unless they wanted a blog post or something. What if a potential client asks to see what I’ve done for these massive clients whos logos I’ve plastered on my website? I’d fully cack my pants!

All I’m getting at is please ask the question if they do, it’s not just web design it can be anything. If they um and ar you’ll know straight away they probably aren’t worth your custom if they can’t be honest from the start.

If they whip out a portfolio and show you what they have actually done then good on them!

This is my third blog post now and I’ve probably rambled on too much and lost my train of thought but I guess what I’m trying to say is, just be careful!

Why should you trust me? I do the work first and you aren’t bound to anything. I want you to trust me, so I won’t pull recognised brand logos out the air and bombard you with a million case studies – I’ll just take the risk so you don’t have to. Web design and development is my passion so even if you don’t like my work, I would have had fun creating it!

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