Freelance vs Agency vs Cowboy

How often do you log on to LinkedIn and see a media agency owner slating off freelancers and vice versa? Why are we so sensitive to competition? What even sparked all this e-beef? I’ll tell you what did, cowboys. Not the cool kind either, the ones that rip you off and send you up the river on a biscuit for a website…

I often wonder how we manage to get by when people are selling web design services for £10 on Fiverr, with DIY builders like Wix and Squarespace popping up all over the place and with the all famous web gurus of the year with 30+ years experience and numerous awards – who will do absolutely mind-blowing work for a one-off payment of £250, madness isn’t it? 

Sorry if you fall into one of the above, but come on man. We’re meant to be professionals, your low prices are making us start to fall out for no reason. Healthy competition has turned into all-out bitterness. Probably not helped by the fact most agencies AND freelancers don’t put their pricing on their website. I get why you don’t want to, the only reason I have my pricing on my website is purely so no one can bitch about me. It’s fair, justified and competitive – maybe not to the cowboys but to both agencies and freelancers who have been in the game for as long as me… it’s game on, right?

As for the cowboys, most of their clients end up (admittedly miffed) coming to us anyway – so it’s our job to apologise on behalf of the industry and sort their messy websites out. In fact, it just came to my head that I should offer some sort of condolence deal. IF you have been ripped off by a cowboy and are stuck with a website that is quite frankly, shit. Talk to me today and I’ll take £100 off your initial bill. That’s a nice meal for two. My way of saying sorry… even though I didn’t do anything wrong… it’s fine.

Totally fine.

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