Frequently asked questions.

How much does a website cost?

With me, from £200 then from £50p/m thereafter. Depending on your company size and requirements.

With other freelancers and agencies in the industry you are looking at roughly paying the following:

Brochure Website: £3,495 – £5,995
eCommerce Website: £5,995 – £25,000
Design Visuals: £950 – £2,500

Yes, you can get even cheaper… but you usually sacrifice quality and support for that. Can you sell your services/products for less than what they are worth?

How soon can we get started?

Once we agree your project is a good fit, I get cracking straight away. You don’t even have to pay anything until you see the final stages of your new website.

Can't we just pay the initial fee and leave it at that?


I have bills to pay and I’m far too OCD about my work. Web design is my passion and your website holds my reputation.

From past experience of charging one-off payments, some of my clients ended up taking their websites and trying to make edits themselves = ruining their websites. It was my fault and I should have fixed them for free, obviously.

How much input can I have during the design process?

As little or as much as you like. I always encourage my clients to get involved, you know your business inside out… I don’t!

I already have a developer for my website, can you do the design?

In short, no, sorry!

Will my website be search engine optimised (SEO)?

Yes! I optimise every single thing that can ever be optimised as standard to ensure Google’s bots can crawl your website with ease. I cover the structure, make sure it meets the latest web standards, contains metadata, has a decent URL structure and is fast to load.

I highly recommend having a blog as well to make sure the sites on-going marketing efforts aren’t in vain.

Do you provide web hosting?

Yep, as standard. I have my own dedicated virtual machine… up there in the cloud.

I need an existing site modified, can you help?

No, I don’t take on projects which modify off the shelf websites or other peoples work. Get’s far too messy.

How long until the website is ready?

It depends who’s asking. Timescales are dependent on the size of your web project and the time it takes to provide content, information and feedback.

On average, the initial website design and development is taking me 3 to 4 weeks. Some smaller sites can be completed sooner, some larger are completed later.

What are your payment terms?

I’m allergic to the word terms, conditions and contract. I do enough of that in my day job.

It’s simple, give me your custom, I will design and build your website. When you are blown away by it then we can talk payment.

What do I need to provide you with to get started?

Branding – a vector version (.svg) of your logo will be required. If you don’t have one already – no worries, I’ll convert it for you. As well as logo, any other marketing assets would be appreciated if you have them handy.

Photos – hi-res images of your office, product, service etc. would be helpful. If you don’t have any then don’t worry. I will also help with this. I have access to a super large library of license-free imagery (no, not the cheesy stock photo kind – pet hate).

Copy – I usually take this from your existing website (if you have one) and chop and change things here and there to suit your new website. If you have no copy, then you have no content for your new website. As much as I would love to assist with copy, this is the one area I cannot. I can recommend some amazing copywriters though.

Do you work with clients outside the UK?

I do indeed. 

Will I be able to edit my website once it's finished?

If you reaaaally want to, or why not just log a ticket? That’s what you are paying for!

Can you help with the maintenance of the site after it's launched?

Yes of course, that’s just one of the things you pay me for.

I've found somewhere cheaper, why should I use you?

Cheaper is short-term. I’m more of a long-term kinda guy, giving you impressive return on your investment.

Does my website come with an SSL certificate?

Yes, all my sites include a full SSL certificate free of charge. This helps with Google rankings and also reassures your websites visitors that your site is secure.