I hate taking selfies so here’s me on my wedding day. That will do.

‘ghoster – to work through the night to hit a deadline, terminology used mainly in the design industry’ 

I’m Nick, a web designer that’s been creating websites since the ripe old age of 13. My first ever website was made using Microsoft Frontpage and Notepad for my old Counter-Strike clan and my first animated gif was for my Neopets guild. Now it’s all fancy WordPress sites and animating SVGs using CSS and Javascript!

Let’s fast forward 16 years of school, various jobs in marketing, sales, ad tech, design and development as well as being a vegetable packer in a carrot factory…

I am a web designer/developer and massively keen on graphics, paid ads and SEO too… anything digital really – I’ve always had a passion for it and thrive off helping people unlock the true potential of their online presence… so here I am!

I’m also affiliated with the CIM, I have qualifications (with merit) in Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Professional Marketing and that sweet sweet chartered status is just around the corner – means I get to add some letters to the end of my name… not sure what they mean, but they look cool, right? Or maybe not.

In my spare time, you’ll find me most likely annoying my wife, playing with my Dalmatian (Bella), or screaming at the Xbox/Playstation over the fact I keep getting demolished by kids half my age.